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So after taking my sweet time to edit Emi’s footage of my interview with physiotherapist Grace Cheung, it’s finally here: 4 videos, about 5 minutes each, on how to take care of your body while playing guitar. (Actually, I have 3 metal projects and a life, so it was more about cramming it in somewhere between practicing and work. Sweet time? what sweet time?!).

But I learned some basic video editing in the process, got to write some fun riffs and try my hand at programming some drums, and after listening to Grace promote stopping and stretching over and over and over, I’m pretty sure I’ll never have a repetitive strain injury again. Which is why I wanted to make this — (did I mention that?) Fast thrash-riff-picking-induced constant pain sucks!! I hope you never have it. If you follow Grace’s advice, you may be in the clear from that little piece of hell.

You can click here to see the article with the interview.

So, we hope you enjoy the vids, and shred healthy!

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