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Recently I moved and had to hand over my gear to a moving company. They were the first things I checked when we delievered our stuff, luckily there was no damage whatsoever. But how do you trust your moving company when you give the gear you love, not only valuable but also precious?

Cab - step 1


The short answer: You don’t. You just have to make sure you pack it really well. I don’t believe they really care about the “Fragile” warning and I have seen so many of our boxes upside down. The TOP sign doesn’t mean anything, at least it didn’t mean to our movers.



Cab - step 2

The hardest one to pack was my amp and cab. They are bulky and heavy. I contacted a couple of music stores hoping they would have an empty box, it would have been perfect to find the amp’s own box, but I couldn’t find any. And it is hard to keep around such big boxes when you don’t have much storage.

So I decided to make a box of my own. A trip to the hardware store and a trip to the shipping supplies store was all I needed.




What I did was mainly wrapping the can with bubble wrap first, just for the sake of preventing the speakers to be in contact with styrofoam. Then putting styrofoam around. As tape does not really stick to styrofoam, I used stretch tape all around the cab. After all this multiple layers wrapping, the cab cover fit tight. It was good enough.

Cab - step 4Cab - step 5


Head - step 1



With the head I was a little bit more careful. It is not easy to find the right size box, so I went with the closest one possible and modified it. The lucky box was a lamp box from Public Storage. I had to cut it so there isn’t much space around the head.


Head- step 2Head - step 3Head - step 4

As for the guitars, I didn’t take any pictures of it, but UHaul has a “Sporting Equipment Box”. Which works perfect for 2/3 guitars with soft cases. Of course, you have to put A LOT of padding. Those boxes came upside down, and I am so happy to see that the necks of the guitars were still intact. I useds a lot of pillows and blankets. They sure had a comfy trip :-)

I cannot guarantee that this type of packing will work, but it did work for my case. They travelled 5000 kms, switching trucks on the way, stored in a couple of different storages, and came home safe and sound. My biggest concern about the move, handled without any issues! \m/

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